A Gauahar Khan Brand

Gauahar Khan Clothing Line

Brand Philosophy

Who we are ?

As a brand, Gauahargeous, Stands for love and beauty that lives in every human being and it was an honor and pleasure for me to have experienced that during my life. Gauahargeous, is a name given to me by many loving supporters who I call my #CrazyLot and I take this opportunity for sharing the same love back to everyone with a platform of my fashion line created with the best of my personal style sensibilities.

Our vision is to facilitate a fashion line for all personalities reserved or outgoing, bold or humble, anyone and everyone who desires to bring out the Gauahargeous in them.

We believe clothes are your strongest expression. Gauahargeous is a brand for strong women who possess the will to fight for what they believe in, a sentiment which is relevant to both India and the world.

What Do We Want to Achieve?

For the brand to become the predominant occasion-wear choice for luxurious fashion in affordable prices in India & International

To inspire our team to have a revolution in thought that then leads to the clothes we make and the experiences we provide. We concentrate on creating Urbane Styles with the perfect amalgamation of high quality fabrics and a dynamic design sense to bring comfortable and in vogue fashion to women.

A Message from the Founder…

The clothes are designed by me & my very talented team that manufactures it in India and every element of the process has a whole lot of thought, care and most importantly LOVE .

It gives me immense joy in launching this brand for everyone who shall evolve and grow in their confidence and their external and internal beauty, as we grow by the love from the Gauahargeous YOU.

About Gauahargeous - Gauhar Khan Clothing Line