Laced with Love

These clothes are personally designed by me, along with a very talented team and are manufactured in India. From design to delivery everything has a whole of thought, care and most importantly LOVE

A Gauahar Khan Brands - Gauahargeous

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Customer Love

" Yes, I'm round and vertically challenged! But I need not settle for boring clothes anymore. Check out my new super cute and super light #checkitout from @thegauahargeousofficial. And BTW my extra large self fit into a large. How cool is that. YAAAYYY!! "

" Smart Clothing. Received many compliments. "

" Hey! I wore this skirt on my cousins baby shower today in Dubai. I just loved the skirt . Its super elegant and classy. Thanks. "

" Thanks for the amazing pants. "

" Thank you @thegauahargeousoffcial. Loved everything. More power to you guys. everyone loved the outfit unconditionally. Thank you once again . #begauahargeous. "

" Wore this body fit top in California in Los Angeles. Loved it. Thanks a lot. "

" Thank you @gauahargeousofficial. I loved it to the core. "

" This top is beautiful. Beacause of these vibrant colors I could smile a little harder and look more colorful. "

" Thank you for the lovely dress and I got trillion of compliments on my birthday and I am just loving it. Thank you so much. "

" I loved the dress. Everyone praised me a lot. "

" Everybody loved this stuff. Thanks. "

" Thank you so much for this. Couldn't have been happier. I loved the dress. The fit,the material,the style. Feels like Gauahar Khan.Will surely shop more soon. "

" The feel of the fabric is too lovely. Requesting everyone not to worry about costing. It's seriously amazing and worth buying. Look, feel, color, quality everything is just fab. "